英プリマス路線バス無賃乗車常習猫キャスパーの物語Casper the ommuting Cat

Casper the Commuting Cat: The True Story of the.../Susan Finden

にゃんにゃんにゃん♪2月22日♪祝 国王陛下生誕記念日♪
Casper the Cat who used to disappear from his owner became a global celebrity in Summer in 2009 when the news story featured him regularly travelling from a bus stop in front of his house to Plymouth City Centre Bus Terminal then back home for free.

When Casper was sadly killed by a hit-and-run driver in January 2010, messages of sympathy flooded in from around the world.  One of the biggest English language publishers on this planet, Simon and Schuster asked his owner, Mrs Susan Finden to publish a book about him with a little help from a professional author Linda Watson-Brown, she agreed to do so in order to donate any profit from the book to animal rescue charity. 

Finally I have read the book and am delighted to report that the result is good enough for anyone to enjoy.

Mrs Finden used to work in a Library and after retirement she and her husband Chris, a long-distance lorry driver moved to Plymouth with their rescued cats.  Previously Casper used to be popular in his local pharmacy sleeping on a waiting chair for prescription so that the chemist had to bring in another chair for human customers who just loved his company.  The nearby offices were also visited by Casper and the office ladies were very happy to have him around. 
Although Casper's adventure made his owner worry a lot, she started to find out what he had been up to.
Casper was rescued from a travellers' site where he was not treated very well.  He had no fear against big vehicles and dogs.  He turned out to be a big traveller himself, but always coming back home where his family awaited.
The Route No.3 buses in Plymouth was driven by many drivers and they always make sure that whenever Casper is asleep, they left him alone without making any fuss but let all the human passengers get off at Plymouth City Centre bus terminal and drive back again towards the bus stop where Casper always queued with other people waiting for their bus.  Then when Casper's home bus stop gets near, Casper knew where to get off himself and often his neighbours on the bus gently picked him up and alighted together.
The drivers knew exactly what to do with Casper, and they were happy to offer him the door-to-door service, Casper's special privilege as they knew he liked his little round trip journey.
When a driver told Susan about it, she was absolutely gobsmacked.
So she decided to write to the local newspaper in order to thank all the drivers who were kind and looked after her cat so well.
Then, the Plymouth Herald news editor thought that the story is good enough to be featured among the bad news of war, crimes and recession.
And the rest is history.
This is a suitable birthday present for cat lovers.

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